MyDuchenne Backpack is here to help you and your circle of caregivers navigate day to day living with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Partnering with Backpack Health to help those living with Duchenne, and their family members to log, manage, organise and securely share their health information with the people that need to see it most. 


I can not believe how much information I keep in my head and in heavy folders and on post it notes, I'm surprised my brain hasn’t exploded, i’ve needed this tool for so long!

A Duchenne Parent


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Our Mission

To bring all your health information together and easily share it with everyone involved in your care - especially if you or a loved one are living with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy or travelling. It’s your health, always on hand.

- You and your families information all in one place.

- Access wherever you are on iPhone, Android and web.

- Enter and share your information in multiple languages.


Our Impact

This is a global grassroots initiative to empower the Duchenne community with their own health information. MyDuchenne has launched and is available in all English speaking countries, as well as those with French, Spanish, Portuguese and German. Further languages will be available soon to positively and profoundly impact the circa 300,000 patients and their families living with Duchenne globally.


Years in the making

It’s been a journey to download and input what we all hold in our heads into a powerful and intuitive user experience



Countries using backpack Health

Over 60 countries across the globe are already represented by users of the Backpack Health app



years of Duchenne experience

A team with a combined total of 80+ years of Duchenne experience brought together to deliver one powerful tool.


Get Involved

It’s simple and easy to get involved. Download from the App Store or Google Play and start entering all your or your Childs data. From supplements and medications, blood test results to North Star Ambulatory Assessments. Anything and everything is available to you and circle of caregivers. And if it’s not just get in touch. We’ll add it in.

MyDuchenne Backpack starts with you.