About us

MyDuchenne Backpack has partnered with Backpack Health to provide a customized experience for members of the Duchenne community who join the MyDuchenne Backpack group within Backpack Health. MyDuchenne is a tailored version of the Backpack Health app, making it easier for Duchenne patients and their families to create, own and control health data in a way that makes sense for them. Users are invited to join the international Duchenne e-community and reach the data they need in a way that is meaningful for their lives. Medical professionals and researchers alike can engage patients and access up-to-date data that is critical for improving treatment.

The physical, emotional and financial strain of Duchenne is significant. On top of this, parents often manage huge binders with their child’s medical information. We need to offer them a tool that relieves this stressor, enabling them to communicate with medical professionals across the world and track data patterns in a meaningful way. This is where MyDuchenne fits in. It is our duty for the Duchenne community to continually improve the way we meet the individual needs of each caregiver and child, and give them the freedom they had before the diagnosis.

About Backpack Health

Backpack Health is a health tech company building tools to help people manage their health details, care and communication. We believe everyone should be able to track their own health comprehensively, and do the same for the people they care about – no matter what their health concerns are, no matter what family means to them, and no matter what language they speak – all in one place.

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