My Duchenne Backpack

An easy way to keep your health information in a virtual backpack - safe, accessible and shareable, 24/7.


Are you frustrated carrying around heavy files with all your child’s medical history?

Do you wish there was an easy, seamless way to share this data with emergency doctors, teachers and childminders? Have you ever worried about travelling with your child and having to communicate their disease in different languages?

My Duchenne is the new groundbreaking app built for the Duchenne community by the Duchenne community. The app makes it easy for you to access, own and control health information that belongs to you.

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My Duchenne is the new groundbreaking app built for the Duchenne community by the Duchenne community

My Duchenne is a tailored version of the Backpack Health app, making it easier for Duchenne patients and their families to create, own and control health data in a way that makes sense for them. Users are invited to join the international Duchenne e-community and reach the data they need in a way that is meaningful for their lives. Medical professionals and researchers alike can engage patients and access up-to-date data that is critical for improving treatment.



An accessible app that allows users to easily store and reach their medical information at any time, anywhere.



An organised way to allow users to track medical information over time in a meaningful way.



An easy approach allowing the sharing of medical information with health aides.

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Our Story

My Duchenne was built on the core belief that life for an adult with Duchenne and caregivers to a child or young person with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) should be made as easy as possible. It has been created for the Duchenne community by the Duchenne community.

The physical, emotional and financial strain of Duchenne is significant. On top of this, adults with Duchenne, and parents often manage huge binders with their own or a child’s medical information. We need to offer them a tool that relieves this stressor, enabling them to communicate with medical professionals across the world and track data patterns in a meaningful way.

This is where My Duchenne fits in. It is our duty to the Duchenne community to continually improve the way we meet the individual needs of each adult, caregiver and child, and give them the freedom they had before the diagnosis.

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It’s simple and easy to get involved.

How do I get the free app?

You can download it from the App Store or Google Play and start entering all the data that is relevant to you immediately.


How do I join My Duchenne?

My Duchenne is a group for the duchenne community nestled within Backpack health. You can simply search for the group "My Duchenne" in the app using the plus (+) icon, or you sign up via the link below.

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